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Jan 21 2009

Our Inauguration Day

Although the thought of ditching school for the inauguration ran through my mind more than once, I finally settled on the fact that being with my students had a lot more meaning than being in the center of it all.
First, a video of the moment. Still sends chills down my back.
And here is a quick collection of photos from our day together.

I will never forget this day. Neither will they.
- Jeff

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Jan 20 2009

Thank you, Donors

It’s been only one week since the drive began and we’re making amazing progress! At this rate, I can start preparing the books to be used by the time we reach WWII in March. Thank you to all the donors, but especially..Alex, Amanda, Jyot, Mom & Dave and an anonymous donor who have contributed since…

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Jan 19 2009

It’s Snowing

[youtube=] I like snow better than rain and wind, so imagine my surprise. I do have to say, though, that sun is still my favorite. If I had to rank them it would be as follows: 1. Sun 2. Snow 3. Rain 4. Wind The other day, it was snowing for like 10 minutes and…

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Jan 19 2009

Ron Clark

I was skeptical when I first heard about Ron Clark. He started his career as a teacher in rural North Carolina and then moved to Harlem to teach at a high-poverty, low-performing elementary school. He turned a classroom around and people noticed. We’ve all seen the movies. Dangerous Minds, Stand and Deliver, The Freedom Writers…

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Jan 13 2009

Thank you, Donors

Since posting the last entry, my classroom proposal has been partially funded by 5 people, giving $125 in total! Even the smallest of donations have made all the difference. Thank you to those donors who stopped by and gave $5, $10 and even $50. You are making a difference for me and my classroom. Thank…

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Jan 11 2009

Choose Me

I logged into my account last night and saw that a complete stranger had donated $25 toward my new project proposal. They said, “I gave to this project because…History is alive for me, and I want it to be alive for kids.” It gave me an idea… I have posted about before and…

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Jan 09 2009

Now I Know

“If you want to change your target students, now is the time. We only want to focus on the students who will be able to move from basic to proficient. The below basic students should not be targeted.” It bothered me when I heard it. I jotted down a sarcastic note on my scratch paper…

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Jan 02 2009


I’m a goal oriented kind of guy. That’s the kind of line I could imagine using on a first date. But it’s also the kind of sentiment I hope to carry into this new year. A lot happened in 2008, and I have no doubt a lot will happen in 2009. Here are my resolutions and…

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Dec 31 2008


A lot happens in a year. I worked on and completed my history thesis, clocking in at 52 pages, about  multicultural curriculum in the 1980′s (you don’t want to read it) I graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in History & Political Science (and a minor in Education) I taught summer school for 4 weeks…

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Dec 27 2008

Christmas Play-by-Play

I arrived in CA late Tuesday night. Erika and I had planned to have all of the old roommates from Berkeley together for dinner, but things kind of fell apart. Thankfully, it ended up being Erika, Sarah and I + Tito. I had a direct flight, which was lucky considering the cancellations in Denver and…

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