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Oct 08 2008


Today was a good day. I taught my seventh grade US History class about the decline of the buffalo in the midwest following the arrival of Europeans. The story of the buffalo can be closely linked to the story of American Indians – slowly being pushed further and further away and toward a less and less prominent role on the North American continent. I brought up buffalo in yesterday’s class and they just loved it, so I decided to run with the buffalo thing and we did a whole lesson today about their decline. It went off so well, I might just talk about buffalo everyday this year. Next week is beginning civilizations…

Were there any buffalo in Mesopotamia?

- Jeff

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  1. Dad

    Buffalo’s are cool.

    It was really great being with you last weekend. You seem to fit into most situations with confidence. It’s so nice to watch you grow.



  2. Liz

    Ahem. (putting on researcher hat) Apparently, water buffalo can be found in the Middle East today but weren’t really introduced there till 600 AD… at which point Mesopotamia was already rockin’ as a civilization I believe.

    Also a nifty fact, in America, what we call buffalo are actually bison, and aren’t taxonomically in the buffalo genus at all!

    I miss you, and watching Planet Earth with you, and totally wish you could have been my history teacher!

  3. diana

    pandas rule buffalo any day

  4. jeannie

    your class and i have a lot in common

  5. Mom

    Did I tell you I rode a water buffalo in Thailand – does that count? :)

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