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Dec 27 2008

Christmas Play-by-Play

I arrived in CA late Tuesday night. Erika and I had planned to have all of the old roommates from Berkeley together for dinner, but things kind of fell apart. Thankfully, it ended up being Erika, Sarah and I + Tito. I had a direct flight, which was lucky considering the cancellations in Denver and Chicago. Otherwise, I might not have made it home in time. But I did.

img_0825Erika and Sarah were at baggage with giant homemade welcome signs and ourstretched arms. It was the best feeling to finally be home. We went back to Sarah’s and ate my favoriate Chicken Tikka Masala from House of Curries. I shouldn’t have eaten a whole dish – my tummy kind of hurt afterward, but I was too content to notice.

The next morning, Erika and I headed back to Sacramento for Christmas Eve festivities. Usually, I spend the Eve with my dad’s family but this year was different. I reunited with my mom’s fam at Honan’s new house in Laguna and we ate and talked all night. I was definitely jetlagged and fell asleep at like 9. I received thoughtful gifts from everyone, and really neat artifacts from my Mom and Dave’s recent trip to the Middle East. Very special pieces I’ll eventually hang in my office one day.


Chelsea and I made our way to our Uncle’s house in Stockton for the 25th and pretty much just ate and talked all day. It was relaxing and fun and sleep-inducing. I fell asleep at like 10. Tonight, I’m hoping for 11! My uncles saw my Favorite Things post and used it as a kind of wish list. They got me Ticket to Ride (Europe!) and a lot more Northface than most people can handle. In Philly, I’ll need it. I also got this crazy idea to make latkas as a pre-dinner appetizer. I’ve been obsessing over them since my recent visit to my Jewish roommate’s house in DC for the first night of Hanaka. They were delicious and I’m proud I remembered the recipe all by myself (there’s like 2 steps).


I’m waking up this morning in a bit of a gaze. Did Christmas really just happen? Wasn’t I just teaching on Tuesday? Why am I so full?

Whatever the case, I’m home. I have waited for this break for a long time and am going to enjoy every moment. No work. No stress. No worries. I’ll do that when I get back to Philadelphia.

- Jeff

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  1. diana

    Honan has a new house in Laguna? Dang, I feel like they just moved.

    Miss you!! Wish I was there at the airport too.

  2. Mom

    Hon, Don’t tell me you’re not going to share the family pj photo? I dare you! Love, Mom

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