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Dec 31 2008


A lot happens in a year.

I worked on and completed my history thesis, clocking in at 52 pages, about  multicultural curriculum in the 1980′s (you don’t want to read it)

I graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in History & Political Science (and a minor in Education)

I taught summer school for 4 weeks of teacher training at the TFA Summer Institute (the hardest month e-v-e-r)

I interviewed and got my first teaching job at Discovery Charter School (see here)

I visited Diana in Leeds, England and Selica in Paris during spring break (I miss them)

I enrolled at University of Pennsylvania for my MA in Urban Education and completed my first semester of coursework (but am I really a grad student?)

I moved into a new apartment in the Queen’s Village neighborhood of South Philadelphia with my new friends Brian and Becca (I am now craigslist certified)

I was a groomsman in two weddings – cousins Clint and Chad (I still need to buy them wedding gifts…)

I lost my last ‘old’ phone and got an iPhone (which I cannot lose, will not lose, can’t imagine if I lose)

I celebrated 2 years together with Andrew (he moved to NYC in September, too)

I voted for Hillary Clinton in February and Barack Obama in November (and am now obviously a fully-fledged convert)

I could get married the first half of the year and then couldn’t with the passage of Proposition 8 (wtf?)

I spent my first thanksgiving away from home, but had Gina visit in Philadelphia (which is family just the same)

A big year with a lot to reflect on and learn from. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it.

- Jeff 

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