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Jan 21 2009

Our Inauguration Day

Although the thought of ditching school for the inauguration ran through my mind more than once, I finally settled on the fact that being with my students had a lot more meaning than being in the center of it all.

First, a video of the moment. Still sends chills down my back.


And here is a quick collection of photos from our day together.










I will never forget this day. Neither will they.

- Jeff

6 Responses

  1. GD

    Hey Jeff,

    Your classroom looks like an ASB room. With your style, of course. Sweet set-up! Our kids aren’t as lucky and their teachers don’t take as much pride in their classrooms as you do. Trust, it makes a difference. You going career?

  2. Tito

    Wonderful shots Jeffrey. thank you

  3. Liz

    you and your students = awesome

  4. Dad

    Hi Jeff – I’ll say it again, I”m sure that Grandma is so proud.
    Love you,

  5. bscoggan

    Hey Jeff!

    I can’t see your video =(

    The classroom looks great and so do your kids.

    miss ya,


  6. Mom

    Hi honey, Great Day, great students, great video!!! I remember when you spotted that beautiful old flag in that antique shop in Vermont – your first trip back East. What a perfect spot for it. WOW! Have I ever shared this memory with you? When you two were really young, my friend Jodi asked me what was the most important thing I wanted to pass on to my children. I said I wanted them to make a difference in the lives of black people – to know their history and to hold their hands. And you both did! I taught you to reach out to that child that was alone on the playground, or new to your school. And you both did! I always said “it starts with a child.” And you both listened! What more could a mother ask for? Nothing! Thank you both for being who you are. Pass it on, I did. I love you, Mom

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