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Jan 20 2009

Thank you, Donors

It’s been only one week since the drive began and we’re making amazing progress! At this rate, I can start preparing the books to be used by the time we reach WWII in March. Thank you to all the donors, but especially..Alex, Amanda, Jyot, Mom & Dave and an anonymous donor who have contributed since…

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Jan 09 2009

Now I Know

“If you want to change your target students, now is the time. We only want to focus on the students who will be able to move from basic to proficient. The below basic students should not be targeted.” It bothered me when I heard it. I jotted down a sarcastic note on my scratch paper…

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Nov 09 2008

Brick by brick

The election is over. I really don’t know what to do with my free moments. Every morning was the same – I looked at the most recent polls on my bus ride to work. Every afternoon, I peeked at New York Times online and read an article to satiate my curiosity. Then I would tune…

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Sep 08 2008

Day One

Today was the big day. At the beginning of each class period, I asked everyone to go around and ‘check-in’ using one word to describe how they were feeling on the first day back to school. I said ‘Ready.’ Now at home, sitting amongst piles of papers and sorting through what seems like endless forms…

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Jul 18 2008


Yes, I know. My first entry is coming a bit later than expected. I wanted so badly to keep up with it, I lost track of what it was actually for. If you’re reading this, you’re likely a good friend – someone I don’t want to lose touch with, a special person I want to…

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Jun 11 2008


I just got my first teaching job offer! If things stay constant, I will be teaching 7th or 8th grade Social Studies at Discovery Charter School in the West Parkside area of Philadelphia. I am thrilled!  Let me catch you up. Teach for America guarantees a job when you enter the program, but there is still a…

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Jun 11 2008

One Way

I just bought a one-way ticket to Philadelphia.  It really all began last year, as I started to seriously ponder my next move, post-graduation. I knew I was interested in exploring the intersections between education and politics, but my role in that complex field was still unclear. It was quite obvious to me, though, that…

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