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Jan 20 2009

Thank you, Donors

It’s been only one week since the drive began and we’re making amazing progress! At this rate, I can start preparing the books to be used by the time we reach WWII in March. Thank you to all the donors, but especially..Alex, Amanda, Jyot, Mom & Dave and an anonymous donor who have contributed since…

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Jan 11 2009

Choose Me

I logged into my account last night and saw that a complete stranger had donated $25 toward my new project proposal. They said, “I gave to this project because…History is alive for me, and I want it to be alive for kids.” It gave me an idea… I have posted about before and…

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Dec 27 2008

Christmas Play-by-Play

I arrived in CA late Tuesday night. Erika and I had planned to have all of the old roommates from Berkeley together for dinner, but things kind of fell apart. Thankfully, it ended up being Erika, Sarah and I + Tito. I had a direct flight, which was lucky considering the cancellations in Denver and…

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Nov 28 2008


Today is a day I usually spend with family. I’m with my dad, sister and uncles in the morning for a thanksgiving brunch. Then Chelsea and I drive back to my mom’s for the afternoon. I’m always sleepy on the drive home, but I feel so peaceful on that 30 minute commute. At one particular…

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Nov 09 2008

Brick by brick

The election is over. I really don’t know what to do with my free moments. Every morning was the same – I looked at the most recent polls on my bus ride to work. Every afternoon, I peeked at New York Times online and read an article to satiate my curiosity. Then I would tune…

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Aug 20 2008

Mom’s Visit, Day 3

I’m not sure what I did before my mom got here. I thought I knew what I was doing, but I think I was a bit lost. She has the uncanny ability to get my life in order without much forethought. From organizing my bathroom cabinet to thinking of ways to get to work in…

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Aug 19 2008

Mom’s Visit, Day 1

Being away from home for so long has only been manageable because I haven’t had time to notice. As things slow down this year, I’m sure I’ll suddenly realize what I’ve done and where I am. But this early sense of comfort doesn’t mean I don’t miss my family and friends back home. I do.…

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Aug 13 2008

A New Phone, Again

Yes, yes. You guessed it – I have once again managed to lose a cell phone. It’s really getting ridiculous. The story goes something like this. Andrew came to visit Philadelphia a few weekends ago, and we were traveling around on the city subway. After getting off at our destination, I realized my phone had…

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Jul 18 2008


Yes, I know. My first entry is coming a bit later than expected. I wanted so badly to keep up with it, I lost track of what it was actually for. If you’re reading this, you’re likely a good friend – someone I don’t want to lose touch with, a special person I want to…

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