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Jan 21 2009

Our Inauguration Day

Although the thought of ditching school for the inauguration ran through my mind more than once, I finally settled on the fact that being with my students had a lot more meaning than being in the center of it all. First, a video of the moment. Still sends chills down my back. [youtube=] And here…

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Jan 09 2009

Now I Know

“If you want to change your target students, now is the time. We only want to focus on the students who will be able to move from basic to proficient. The below basic students should not be targeted.” It bothered me when I heard it. I jotted down a sarcastic note on my scratch paper…

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Dec 11 2008

The Candid Classroom

I took a sick day yesterday in an effort to battle a cold I got last week. My voice is nearly gone, so I figured I could teach better if I could actually talk. The kids were going on a field trip anyways, so I wasn’t really missing any valuable time. When I came back…

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Dec 04 2008

The Last Hour

I had a good teaching day today – not great, but good. My lessons were sub-par and the students could tell. But it was going smoothly…until the last hour. It always gets me – I think the day is over and then bamn! it’s not over. The kids get so out of control and anxious…

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