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Dec 22 2008


They said, “Don’t smile until December.” It’s advice to new teachers that might need some help getting their class in order. The idea is, if you don’t warm up to them at first they will take you more seriously in the long run. For example. I was discouraged from joking and befriending them in September.…

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Dec 18 2008

Jeff’s Favorite Things, Part II

1 Rachel’s Exotic Yogurt This yogurt blows my mind. The flavors are unique and utterly delicious. I honestly look forward to waking up just to eat one for breakfast, or grab a snack in between periods at school. I hate fruit at the bottom yogurts, and Rachel’s is already mixed in. The perfect yogurt. At…

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Dec 17 2008

Come One, Come All

I just got this email and link from Travelocity. They are having another flight sale from Sacramento to Philadelphis for $150 round trip, which is an amazing deal. If you wanna get away and come visit anytime from Jan – June, let me know and check it out! SAC –> PHL Click on the different…

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Dec 17 2008

Parent Conference Night – LIVE

Yes, you read that right. I’m live blogging my parent conference night. I thought there might be some fireworks, since parents can be a little crazy. 1:15 PM Conferences start at 1:30 and last until 4. Then we have a break until 6 and conference with parents until 8. It is going to be a…

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Dec 14 2008

Obama’s Choice, UPDATE

There has been a lot of talk about Obama’s choice for Secretary of Education, since the post has yet to be announced or leaked by his transition team. I have been following the leads and names without much ferver, but after reading this recent article in the NYTimes, link below,  I am surprised by the…

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Dec 11 2008

The Candid Classroom

I took a sick day yesterday in an effort to battle a cold I got last week. My voice is nearly gone, so I figured I could teach better if I could actually talk. The kids were going on a field trip anyways, so I wasn’t really missing any valuable time. When I came back…

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Dec 06 2008

Jeff’s Favorite Things, Part I

Every year, around this time, Oprah releases her list of “Favorite Things,” which can include anything from a robe to a restaurant dish. A lot of the time, I don’t pay attention, but I do appreciate the idea of sharing things you love with others.  I’m no Oprah, but here are some favorite things of…

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Dec 06 2008

Homophobia at School

I always say that ‘coming out’ is a life-long process. It never really ends. From the first time I told my parents and closest friends in high school to this past week, I can never really say with confidence that I’ve ‘come out’ – as if it is something that ever ends. It doesn’t. In…

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Dec 04 2008

The Last Hour

I had a good teaching day today – not great, but good. My lessons were sub-par and the students could tell. But it was going smoothly…until the last hour. It always gets me – I think the day is over and then bamn! it’s not over. The kids get so out of control and anxious…

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Nov 28 2008


Today is a day I usually spend with family. I’m with my dad, sister and uncles in the morning for a thanksgiving brunch. Then Chelsea and I drive back to my mom’s for the afternoon. I’m always sleepy on the drive home, but I feel so peaceful on that 30 minute commute. At one particular…

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